assisted processes

The assistance system

Der Assistent is the assistance system for your digital workplace. With Der Assistent you reduce costs, gain flexibility, achieve traceability and motivate your employees. Paperless production, complete documentation and comprehensive analyses are possible without problems using Der Assistent. From work preparation to implementation: it has never been easier and quicker to implement your planning—and that without mistakes, with consistently high quality and efficiency.

Ideas, technologies and business processes rethought

We see digitalization, business models and how people work together as highly integrative topics. Only if all aspects are considered holistically do new solutions emerge. Our team works very enthusiastically on developing innovative concepts and products from new opportunities. See for yourself and visit us in the Cube in Fellbach.

One Der Assistent for all sectors

Der Assistent can be used across sectors and individually—for example in production, inspection or to provide instructions. 

Although we are already active in many sectors, we do not shy away from new challenges and your very specific applications. 

Assisted processes rethought

Industry 4.0: for ulixes this means the intelligent networking of Der Assistent with people in the productive value chain. Flexible, efficient processes can be implemented in just a few days with Ulixes products. We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide information about the potential of assisted processes to senior management, as well as production managers, in manufacturing organizations interested in the optimization of their digital business model or exploiting the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

What distinguishes us?

Speed and quality for a digital future with efficient, cost-effective investments.

Our motivation is to make manual work processes more cost-effective and quicker, and to support employees with Der Assistent.


Become part of our innovative team and shape your future with us.


Ulixes combines experience from yesterday and today to create tomorrow.


We maintain meticulous safety measures during visits. We also welcome contact via Teams, Skype, mail or simply by telephone.


We move with the times and are continuously developing. Join us on the journey and experience new trends.

Our idea

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There is a simple truth: if you believe in what you are doing, you can achieve great things. We would like to help you to achieve your goal—and in the process to work even better, more cost-effectively and more efficiently. The idea of assisted work arose from our wish to combine the advantages of human and mechanized production. In short: the best of both worlds.

Our customer support

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We are more than the sum of various experts: in our organization bright minds work together as friends. Together, we put a great amount of pleasure and passion into Der Assistent—something that distinguishes us. For this reason our customers and the relationship with them are very important to us. We are delighted to look at every suggestion and in this way customize our systems.

Our production

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Of course, we use our assistance systems ourselves: Der Assistent is built by Der Assistent. Because production and development are combined under one roof in our organization, changes to hardware and software can be discussed in person and are implemented in a few hours thanks to the short channels.

We hope to meet you at Motek 2021.

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Dates in the cube

Actually, we had to cancel our in house presentations, but they'll start slowly again. We'll keep you updated!